Blue Olive Signature Chili Sauce


Blue Olive Signature Chili Sauce

Our homemade chili sauce has been a great success! Customers love it and many are buying bottles when available at the restaurant. We try to make a large batch whenever possible to satisfy our own needs in the kitchen and also to have available for customers to purchase.

Every now and then, a customer asks for the recipe for the chili sauce so they can and try to duplicate in their kitchens. The ingredients are common and most can be found in larger supermarkets but some of the specialty peppers (fresh and dried) we can only get from Asian (Indian or Oriental) markets.  

It took us many months to perfect the sauce in terms of flavor, color, consistency, level of heat and stability. We use no preservatives or additives. All ingredients are natural. The chili sauce is naturally preserved by using salt, citric acid, vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) and cayenne pepper. Shelf life of our sauce is 2-3 months at the most. More if refrigerated.

Basic ingredients

- Chili peppers of different origins and types (fresh and dried - dried chili peppers must be rehydrated before use by soaking in water for 15 or so minutes)

- Garlic (fresh and powder), vinegar, citric acid, sea salt  

- Powders: cayenne, chili, black pepper

- Extra ripe tomatoes, red peppers, onions

- Brown sugar, lime or lemon juice, horseradish and other spices

>> Please note we don't use oil in our recipe but you can if you wish

For flavor variations

For more flavor, a variation of cumin, allspice, cinnamon, cloves can be added according to your own preference. For an amazing garlicky flavor, add roasted garlic and maybe roasted shallots and roasted chili peppers.

For even hotter sauce, use habanero peppers, cayenne pepper or even ghost peppers.
For sweeter chili sauce, add sugar in the finishing stages or honey and of course use milder peppers .

There are ton of recipes online. Go ahead and experiment and share your results.