Exiting New Menu Additions



We have some new additions to the menu mostly in the Appetizer Section; more hummus, dolmas and olive flavors and variations

- Spicy Harissa Hummus: Hummus traditional topped with spicy Tunisian Harissa (hot chili pepper paste with herbs and spices)

- Balkan Hummus: Hummus traditional topped with a zesty spread of eggplant, garlic  and red pepper paste. (Balkan region northeast of the Mediterranean sea)

- Labneh (cream cheese of the Middle East): A very popular snack in the Middle East-   strained yogurt (all the whey is removed and makes is thick and creamy)

- Jalapeños Dolmas: Rice stuffed grape leaves simmered with jalapenos added

- Quinoa Dolmas: Colorful quinoa stuffed grape leaves

- Eggplant Moussaka: Simmered eggplants with tomatoes, onions and spices

- Greek Chickpeas: Marinated chickpeas in olive oil & lemon juice with cumin, paprika and parsley

 -Moroccan Pitted Green Olives

- Greek Pitted Olive Medley